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Staying “h'APP'y” in Europe with ECC-Net: Travel app

There are lots of difficult situations any traveller may encounter during a journey abroad. Picking up a rental car that is more expensive than agreed, finding out that a hotel room booked from home is unavailable, buying an item that becomes defective shortly afterwards: we've seen it all happen, haven't we? Thanks to ECC-Net: Travel app you now have the perfect tool to stay cool and express your rights…

Winter tyres in certain European countries

Find enclosed information about obligation to use winter tyres when driving to various European countries. What are the different time periods or specific weather conditions within which you need to use such vehicle equipment? What is the required tread depth to be considered a winter tyre? Information has been provided by members of the European Consumer Centres' Network (ECC-Net). Find enclosed a brief…

More and more people use free-of-charge services of ECC CZ

The number of people who used the services of the European Consumer Centre Czech Republic increased almost three times within the past three years. ECC Lawyers provided free-of-charge help to resolve disputes against traders from other EU member states and advised how consumers shall enforce their rights in the European market where lower prices and higher quality of both goods and services can be found. The…