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Christmas markets in Europe: beware of prices and pickpockets

(Prague, December 7, 2018) Enjoying the smell mould wine and burning wood, it is good to think about several things to avoid at Christmas markets. What to beware of and which tricks can be used by sellers and pickpockets? Get some advice from the European Consumer Centre Czech Republic. Increasingly more people are interested in visiting Christmas markets in Vienna, Dresden, Krakow, Bratislava and many other places…

Tips for summer trips across Europe

One factor in choosing holidays is the fear that things may not work well. So, people try to eliminate the risks – read reviews of previous customers of airlines, tour operators, landlords and car rentals. An overview of the basic rules and advice for situations when things go wrong was prepared by the European Consumer Centre. “In a number of unpleasant situations, consumers have their rights and it’s good to…

Record number of consumer contacts in 2017

A record number of consumers turned to the European Consumer Centre Czech Republic. We speak about 1,633 contacts last year, which represented an increase by 46% when compared with 2016. They sought assistance for their claims against traders from other EU countries and information about their rights in the internal market. The success rate within the out-of-court resolution was almost 45% last year. The centre…

Fly Niki insolvency – what to do

Austrian carrier Fly Niki followed its German mother company Air Berlin and started incolvency. Air passengers with different claims have the chance to register to the insolvency procedure in Germany or Austria. If they bought their unused flight tickets after August 15, 2017, they shall be reimbursed from a special fund. Read more details in this article.