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The goal of the ECC work is to make consumers feel comfortable on the common European market.

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Evropské spotřebitelské centrum
při České obchodní inspekci
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Česká republika

ECC director

Ondřej Tichota is the ECC CZ Director.

European Consumer Centre Czech Republic

  • offers free of charge information and advice on consumer rights in the EU countries, Norway and Iceland.
  • offers free of charge cooperation and assistance to consumers when setting their complaints as to quality of products and service being bought, complaints concerning behaviour of professionals in other EU Member States, Norway and Iceland.
  • is the contact point for the free of charge assistance to consumers at extrajudicial solving of disputes with professionals in the EU Member States, Norway and Iceland.

Cases, in which the ECC cannot provide any direct help

  • when the seller is not any businessman or company, but a private person – for example in some of internet auctions where you can buy goods due to the mediation of the server, but where the seller is a private person.
  • cases of complaints not within the countries of the EU, Norway or Iceland – cases in which a Czech or a foreign consumer complaints about services of a seller out of the EU, Norway or Iceland.
  • cases of national complaints – when a Czech consumer complaints on a Czech trader.

History in short

The ECC Czech Republic was founded on January 1, 2005, within the financial support of the European Union. It was opened for consumers in April 2005. On January 1, 2009, its office moved from the Ministry of Industry and Trade to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.


Activities of the ECC Czech Republic are financed by the European Commission and the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. The European Comission is not responsible for the content of this website.

This website is part of the action n. 670696 — ECC-Net CZ FPA which has received funding under a grant for an ECC action from the European Union’s Consumer Programme (2014-2020).