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Watch out in e-shops and search for contacts

There are many cases in which consumers order goods from an e-shop with a .cz domain behind which a Chinese seller is hidden. They receive either nothing or something else or a poor quality product. Christmas purchases have come and consumers should always find out if online traders provide proper contact details and information about consumer rights. It’s a good way to avoid fraud. Czechs turn to the European…

Air Berlin: Claims for compensation and special offers for EU travellers

Air Berlin insolvency proceedings were initiated on November 1th.  Other airlines, as Lufthansa, offer air passengers whose return flights were cancelled new  tickets at half price. Where and how can consumers assert their claims? Consumers can assert their claims under the scope of the current insolvency procceedings. The requests must be submitted to the insolvency administrator until 1st February 2018. The…

Air Berlin cancelled flights – how to get your money back

Insolvency procedure within the Air Berlin Company started on August 15 and in the consequence there are limitations regarding collection of claims. Debts incurred before this day, including refunds of flight tickets sold before this day, cannot be recovered by the carrier out of the insolvency procedure. Flights purchased on August 15 and later can be refunded in standard procedures.

Ryanair customers may have the right for 250 euro compensation

(Praha, 19. 9. 2017) Irská letecká společnost Ryanair oznámila, že pro nejbližší dny ruší několik spojů mezi českými letišti a zahraničními destinacemi. Většina lidí má být přepravena jinými lety této společnosti, ale cestující mají také právo na odstoupení od smlouvy a vrácení peněz, v některých případech i na náhradu škody ve výši 250 až 600 eur.