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Special Christmas calendar gives 24 tips for safe online shopping

(7 December 2022) Consumers can take advantage of daily tips on safe online shopping and information on rights when travelling in the EU. Just follow the European Consumer Centre’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and open the window of a special Christmas calendar every day with shoppers’ rights in case a retailer fails to send goods or provide a good service. The European Consumer Centres Network helps resolve disputes with businesses in other EU countries, Norway and Iceland free of charge.

“In the hunt for gifts for their beloved ones and for a low price, people forget to check whether the e-shop or retailer on social media provides information about themselves, about returning goods, how to make a claim or just relevant contact details. And we will remind them every day what is good to remember,” explains Ondřej Tichota from the European Consumer Centre of the Czech Republic.

Consumers will receive their first tip today, the last one on 24 December. This is the third Christmas calendar prepared by the network of 30 centres, which, in addition to working together to resolve specific disputes, also provides information on consumer rights in the Single Market.

“Every year, around 3% of shoppers fall victim to online fraudsters, for whom Christmas shopping is a great opportunity,” says Ondřej Tichota, noting that with a previously unknown retailer paying by card online is safer than a bank transfer from account to account. With a card, there is a chance of getting your money back from the bank if the goods are not delivered, but this is usually not possible with a bank transfer.

Many people go on pre-Christmas shopping trips to other EU countries or on New Year’s Eve holidays. The network of 30 European Consumer Centres, funded by the European Commission and the participating countries, also has their rights in mind. It draws attention to their rights in different modes of transport and when renting cars.

The Christmas calendar also includes tips on sustainable consumption, mentions the official EU Ecolabel and also the right to complain about goods for two years across Europe.

Find out more every day of Advent on the ECC CR’s Twitter and Facebook pages.