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Lufthansa staff still on strike – passengers have right to free care

Logo of Lufthansa air carrier.Flight attendants continue striking and Lufthansa may cancel its flights in the upcoming days. The strike has impact on more passengers than expected on Friday when the strike began. Affected passengers have the right to free-of-charge care from the carrier, including meals and refreshments as well as accommodation if necessary when waiting for re-routing, said the European Consumer Centre Czech Republic today.

According to available information, Lufthansa re-routs passengers to flights of other carriers. Passengers with flight tickets for this week’s flights should contact Lufthansa and in case of troubles they can turn to the European Consumer Centre of Civil Aviation Authority.

„People can also withdraw from the contract and ask for their money back. In such case, there is no free-of-charge care provided by the carrier,” said Tomáš Večl, the Director of the European Consumer Centre Czech Republic which deals with consumer rights in the internal market. Passengers’ rights are governed by the Regulation No. 261/2004.

Passengers have no right to compensation from €250 to €600 which can be claimed when the carrier is responsible for delays or cancellations. Strikes are considered so called extraordinary circumstances that carrier couldn’t prevent.

Flight attendants strike in the consequence of argue with the company’s management concerning labour and wages conditions.