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Fly Niki insolvency – what to do

Austrian carrier Fly Niki followed its German mother company Air Berlin and started incolvency. Air passengers with different claims have the chance to register to the insolvency procedure in Germany or Austria. If they bought their unused flight tickets after August 15, 2017, they shall be reimbursed from a special fund. Read more details in this article.

All the claims in Germany have to be reported to the insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther until the 01.02.2018 (the claims must arrive in the office until this day – it is not sufficient when a consumer brings the letter to the post on the 01.02.2018!). If the registration is in time, than it is free of costs. Further information can be found on this website: (you can change the website from german to english by clicking on the flag on the top right). The address is as follows:

Wallstraße 14 A
D-10179 Berlin

All the claims in Austria have to be reported to the court in Korneuburg until the 14.02.2018. The address is:
LG Korneuburg
Landesgerichtsplatz 1
2100 Korneuburg

The case number for the insolvency process is: 36 S 5/18d and the claim has to be handed in in duplicate. In Austria a fee of € 23,00 has to be paid, to take part at the process (IBAN: AT76 0100 0000 0546 0779 / BIC: BUNDATWW)

There are different kinds of claims:

  • Claims when the consumer cancelled the flight (fees & taxes)
  • Ticket costs, when the airline cancelled the flight
  • Costs for extra services (Baggage, XXL-Seats, …)
  • Claims reagarding the Montreal Convention
  • Compensation payments regarding 261/2004
  • Additional costs regarding 261/2004 (assistance according to Article 9, costs for a hotel or alternative flight the consumer had to pay himself, …)
  • Reimbursment of the ticket costs regarding 261/2004

Where to register your claim?

  • The claims when the consumer cancelled the flight before the 15.08.2017 have to be handed in in Germany.
  • The claims for extra services before the 15.08.2017 have to be handed in in Germany
  • The claims regarding the Montreal Convention have to be handed in in Austria.
  • The claims concerning compensation payments 261/2004 have to be handed in in Austria.


A special “trust account” for tickets, which were bought after the 15.08.2017 directly at Fly Niki, was confirmed. The consumers might get all their costs for their tickets and extra costs refunded. Therefore they should contact the insolvency administrator in Germany and tell him, that they bought a ticket after the 15.08.2017 directly at Fly Niki and want a reimbursment of their costs from the trust account:

Flöther & Wissing Insolvenzverwaltung
Wallstraße 14 A
10179 Berlin

If a consumer already registred his claim in Germany and would need to register in Austria again, he has to do this. His registration will not be forwarded.