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ECC: Seven tips how not to be cheated on vacation

When on vacation many people lose attention and are less cautious as regards unfair conduct of sellers of goods or providers of services. The European Consumer Centre offers seven tips what to be aware of and how not to get cheated when travelling across Europe.

Did you arrive at a hotel and the ordered apartment is not provided? Is it smaller or with different than advertised view? You shall ask for the same type of room or accommodation in a different hotel under similar circumstances. You have the right for the advertised price. Take pictures of possible flaws in the room.

Package travel
You can have insurance on cancellation of a package travel. Read carefully the terms and conditions in order to know in which cases you are not protected by insurance.

Car rental
Take a good look at the car when taking it from a car rental company and take pictures of possible existing damages. The same applies when you return the car. Return the car personally and have a protocol in writing confirming that you returned the vehicle in compliance with the contract and with no new defects. These can be your proofs of the fact that you didn’t damage the car despite the car rental company could claim otherwise.

Air transport – delay and cancellation of flights
If your flight is cancelled or significantly delayed, you have the right for free-of-charge care from the carrier who shall provide you with refreshments or accommodation if necessary. You can have the right for compensation amounting from € 250 to 600 if the cancellation or delay wasn’t caused by bad weather, strike or any other extraordinary circumstance.

Air transport – luggage
If your luggage is damaged, delayed or lost, you can ask for compensation of the real caused damage up to about € 1100. You shall fill in the PIR report and contact the carrier in writing immediately and attach receipts from items that were lost or that you needed to buy in your destination instead of those delayed.

Train, bus, ferry
Remember your rights in case of a significant delay or cancellation of trains, buses and ferries. You can have the right for refreshments as well as accommodation if necessary or even a discount from the paid ticket price. You can also withdraw from the contract and get reimbursed.

Health and emergency If you have legal insurance, you have the right for prompt health care assistance in compliance with legal regulations of the state in which you are situated. It is advisable to pay extra travel insurance. In many countries you will most likely have to pay the costs for health care in advance, so remember to keep the receipts. Don’t forget to dial 112 when you need the Police, Fire Rescue Service or ambulance.

Mobile application ECC-Net: Travel

You can also download your consumer rights for travelling in Europe – in the mobile application “ECC-Net: Travel” with phrases in 25 European languages for concrete situations. You can also find contacts of your contry’s embassy in the country where you travel as well as the contact details of the European Consumer Centre which can help you resolve disputes against vendors from other EU countries, Norway and Iceland. See more at