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Civil Code

The Civil Code stipulates civil law relations and the positions of parties to them. From the consumer protection point of view, the provisions of this legislation that affect consumers' rights and duties are important.

We provide you with the below attached special provisions for the sale of goods in a shop – Sections 612-627

  • General requisites for the sale of goods in a shop – Sections 612, 613, 614 and 617.
  • Agreement with a purchase contract, entitlements if there is a dispute over a purchase contract – Section 616.
  • Sale for a lower price – Section 618, Section 624.
  • Liability for defects in items sold, Section 619.
  • Guarantee period, guarantee requisites – Section 620.
  • Repairable and non-repairable defects – Section 622.
  • Defect due to inexpert assembly or inexpert putting into operation – Section 623.
  • Exercise of rights and liability for defects – Sections 625-627.