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Frequent cases

Carrier went bankrupt. Unsuccessful reservation.

Carrier went bankrupt

A Czech consumer ordered a tour which was operated by a Hungarian tour operator. But the air carrier operating the ordered flights went bankrupt and in its unsure financial situation the tour operator offered re-routing for an extra fee of 720 EUR or reimbursement of the price paid for accommodation only. Such solution was unacceptable for the consumer who required all his money back. The situation was complicated because the tour operator was indeed a daughter company of the bankrupt carrier, but the ECC-Net eventually negotiated the full refund.

Unsuccessful reservation

Czech consumer intended to make a reservation of a return ticket to London through a Hungarian air carrier’s webpage. After providing all details and payment card information, but before checking and confirming the reservation, the website collapsed. C refreshed the page and the reservation was done. However, the confirmed return flight was not on May 9, but May 8. C called immediately customer help line and got advised to write an online complaint which she did and the other day made another reservation (one way) for May 9 for other 30 GBP. T never replied the claim. After contacting the carrier, the ECC-Net managed to reach refund of the claimed 30 GBP.