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Requirements for cyclists in other European countries

Riding a bike through a European country is a dream of many Czechs. Except for front and back lights, reflectors on pedals and wheels or a functioning bell, it is necessary to remember that various other requirements for cyclists can be defined elsewhere in Europe. These can be for example reflexive elements on cloths or wearing a helmet. Here is an overview of several countries with special requirements.

In Slovakia, helmet is compulsory for everyone – adults must wear it out of town, children below 15 years of age also in the city. Reflexion jacket is compulsory for everyone when visibility is reduced. A cyclist shall have no alcohol in blood.

For cyclists in Italy it is obligatory to wear a reflexive jacket 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise in tunnels and out of built-up areas.

In Lithuania it is compulsory to wear a reflexive jacket or reflexive elements on cloths. Helmet on roads is obligatory below 18 years of age; other cyclists are recommended to wear a helmet.

In Spain helmet is obligatory out of towns.

In the United Kingdom helmet is obligatory for kinds below 15 years of age.