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Allergy expressions dictionary – 25 languages

Dictionary for people with allergies on foodstuffs. Official languages of the EU countries plus Turkish, Russian, Norwegian and Icelandic.

The European Consumer Centre Germany published the new version of their guide concerning “Allergies on foodstuffs” on their website.

In case of a foodstuff-allergy you have to be very careful when eating abroad.

Therefore the German ECC provides consumers all over Europe with useful and sufficient information on allergies.

25 languages – 600 combinations

The Allergy—Dictionary is published in all 21 official languages of the European Union, as well as Turkish, Russian, Islandic and Norwegean.

Information for everyone

You can create your personal allergy—card with help of this useful dictionary.

Just cut the small model for your personal allergy-card out (“I'm allergic to….”) and put it into your wallet.

Dictionary Allergies *

This information is published with the friendly permission of the European Consumer Centre Germany (Location Kiel).