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Euroteam, unauthorized seller of tickets, faces potential bankruptcy

Before the London Olympic Games we warned against unauthorized sellers of tickets. The Norwegian company Euroteam was one of these sellers and the Norwegian Ombudsman has decided to file the company a fee of about 175.000 Euro for selling tickets for the London Olympics. This is one of the reasons why the company faces bankruptcy. People who paid in advance for tickets which were not delivered or were not accepted by organizers of respective events (any event offered by Euroteam) can try to get their money back – in case they paid with a payment card, they can ask their payment card provider to execute the operation called chargeback when the price for a non-provided service can be returned to the payment card which was used for the payment of tickets. In case that the bank which issued the payment card would refuse to execute the chargeback operation, we recommend consumers to contact the European Consumer Centre Czech Republic to receive information how to proceed.