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Euro 2012: Useful mobile application for football fans

Euro Informer is a free-of-charge portable football fan guide informing about interesting places, exiting events in which to participate, and things that you need to know during the European Football Championship. If you want to participate in the Euro 2012 just take a moment to turn your phone into an all-wise companion who will help you to find a restaurant, parking or ATM. Euro Informer also will help you to get a taxi or find out interesting events that are happening in your area. It will also help you in troubles as it contains all the local emergency phone numbers and embassies in Poland and Ukraine as well as consumer useful tips and information provided by the European Consumer Centres’ Network.

The application contains several modules:

News – Information regarding European Football Championship. Almost every-day update will keep you up to date with latest news and events that take place around upcoming championship.

Places – First time in Ukraine or Poland? Feeling a little bit lost? Have no fear, Map module is here!! It will help you easily find places of your interest like restaurants, banks or even pubs near your location.

Currently we have more than 100.000 places witch are divided into several categories:
– pharmacys
– banks
– information
– exchanges
– ATMs
– clubs
– museums
– parking spaces
– train stations
– police stations
– pubs, restaurants
– airports
– gas stations
– stadiums
– hospitals
– Toilets

Events – Do you remember the feeling, when you missed some party, promotion or other important event, just because you didn’t know about it? Well, with the Events module you can forget about this felling forever. Based on your location and selected date we will keep you informed about all upcoming promotions, matches, social events and more.

Emergency – Anytime an unsuspected situation can occur. Lost your passport, and don’t know how to contact your embassy? Got hurt during street fight, and need to call police or ambulance? Need a cab to go to a friend’s place? All those situations require remembering lots of phone numbers, hopefully now you have our Emergency module, from which you can easily call embassies, police, ambulance or cabs from your localization.

You can find it at Google Play and iTunes Store
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